Comté Promotion Events

Culture & Culture has recently held a few Comté cheese promotion seminars for Japanese people living in the UK, one session  in Woodstock and two sessions in London. They are part of the collaborative campaign by the Comté Cheese Association and the Japanese Cheese Professional Association to promote Comté cheese to Japanese people. The attendees were all really enthusiastic and enjoyed learning how versatile the cheese can be. Each Comté has unique characteristics depending on their age, maker, affineur and season of production, and there are various different ways to enjoy them accordingly. It is fascinating to discover how different the same cheese can be, and how versatile one cheese can be. We really hope those who attended the seminars are now able to enjoy their life in the UK even more through Comté!

All cheeses were prepared by Michael Dale of Umami Delicatessen, who also prepared fabulous raisins to complement the tasting plates. Not only the cheeses but the raisins were really well received. Of course, all cheeses were in really good condition thanks to Umami!

Seminar Kanako Talking