Culture & Culture provides you with simple but sensational ways to enjoy your life through “culturally-rich” food: cheese.

Based in the Cotswolds, an area abundant with English tradition and historically known as the “farmland of London”, we curate corporate and  private cheese-themed events and seminars where you will learn something new about cheese: different types, their best seasons and seasonal companions, histories traditional and eye-opening cheese dishes, matching with diverse food and drinks, sensational and practical uses, and so on and on and on… never-ending.

Cheese: a food invented or discovered before recorded history began. There lies a fascinating story behind every traditional and modern cheese. They hold their individual character, seasonal joy and local customs as they have been shaped by and tailored to their surrounding environment and defined by their social and cultural context.

We believe that gaining more knowledge about such a profound yet familiar food will enrich and stimulate your daily life. We are happy to customise events and sessions to meet specific client requirements, so simply contact us for more details.